Fruit Royale Inc.

Fruit Royale, Inc. is a marketing firm specializing in premium Table Grapes and Citrus from across the globe. We work directly with our contracted growers on all aspects of fruit production including growing, packing, cooling, storing, logistics and sales, with an emphasis on providing high quality product to our customers on a consistent basis.

At Fruit Royale, we are honored to be counted among the original environmentalists, farmers. In both our trable grape and citrus productions, we have a life-long commitment to working alongside the land and preserving environmental quality.

We work hard to ensure the availability of a safe food supply for future generations. We have merged existing knowledge with new information and technology to responsibly use resources, reduce environmental impact, meet society’s needs and encourage the longevity of the industry.

Fruit Royale employs sustainable agricultural practices that successfully balance current and future human needs, promote environmental health and effectively utilize natural resources in a manner that is economically profitable

Fruit Fit For Royalty

Raised Right

Healthy plants grow great tasting fruit. We feed our vines with compost, seaweed and other natural fertilizers to grow strong, healthy plants that resist pests and diseases naturally and produce fruit that tastes great!

Oh So Sweet

Most growers harvest as soon as their fruit is “edible”. We walk our vineyards, tasting fruit every day, and decide to harvest only when the fruit has reached its peak flavors so that every bunch is sweet, juicy and delicious!

Quite a Variety

We partner with International Fruit Genetics to develop flavorful varieties using classical Mendelian plant breeding with a very unique, diverse and flavorful genetic pool of grape varieties gathered from every corner of the globe. We plan carefully to assure maximum supply throughout the season.

Be Careful

Our packaging methods are always gentle for the fruit. Handled by seasoned harvesters and packers, our rapid transfer to cold storage and detailed attention to the cold chain preserves the flavor and freshness at peak levels. Our attention to detail ensures that we can deliver you quality fruit in every season.